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"Thank you for keeping Ludiboards.com #1 for 13 years now. We are now shut down for the winter season and will reopen next spring 2016.

We had a great 2015 spring/summer season and sold over 250 boards. Also thank you to the clients and wholesalers who put in their winter/holiday season order early. See you soon!

Welcome to Ludiboards!

Let’s begin by giving you a little background history on what Ludi is and about Our
Ludi boards. Ludi is a board game hence the name Ludi board. Ludi, also known as
Ludo or Ludu, is a derivative of Parcheesi which is a game that originated in India
and was adopted in the U.K. It was brought to the beautiful Island of Jamaica where
it experienced minor changes along with the name. You can also find Ludi/Ludo in
many African Nations as well as the Caribbean, but not as commonplace as in Jamaica.

So you say you have never seen nor heard of Ludi before! Not so fast. Do you have
the game Sorry or Trouble packed away in a box somewhere at home or at Mom and
Dad’s? Well then you are more familiar with the game of Ludi than you think. What
you were playing was a games manufacturers’ version of Ludi.

At Ludiboard.com you won’t get a cardboard knockoff. All of our Game boards are one
of a kind and handcrafted, made to order with your specifications, or you can choose
from one of our very popular models posted here on ludiboard.com. We are so
committed to delivering quality and uniqueness to our customers that we take
painstaking measures to find Dice that are unique to your board. Now we just
couldn’t put all this time and energy behind delivering customer specific Boards and
Dice then just throw in any ol' game Pieces; All of our Game Pieces -called men- are
custom made with love just for your Ludi board.

Our joy for making Ludi boards along with our customers’ enthusiastic feedback keeps
us perpetually expanding our product line along with new and creative ways to make
our Ludi boards. The Table Boards is one of our newest creations, just pull up some
chairs and play. Going on a picnic? No problem our Roll Ups ludi is just the thing
you need; its light weight, and ease of transport makes it a hit at ludiboard.com.

We didn’t stop there though we have included all time favourites on the reverse side
of all our Ludi Boards. Yes you can choose Checker/Chess or Snakes and Ladders,
creatively made at no extra cost.

Whether you have been playing Ludi all of your life or you've yet to try it for the
first time you are sure to find a ludi Board you like for yourself or a loved One at
ludiboad.com. It's fun for the whole family!

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